Introducing a revolutionary gun safety product that is already sparking up conversation in the firearms market, The ShotBlock™.  This innovative product will soon change the entire gun industry in a positive way for both gun owners, manufacturers & sellers. Its patented design is unique and will stop a gun from being loaded, while also providing anti-corrosion benefits to your weapon.

How it works:

The ShotBlock fits right into the breach of any 9mm, AR 5.56/.223 barrel. The ShotBlock is attached to an extended protection indicator and slides into the barrel and locks on the breach lip. The extended protection indicator plays two roles: First, it lets the owner know the gun is secure and second, it helps with anti-corrosion while being stored. Having the tip of the protection indicator visible at the end of the gun barrel lets the customer and gun owner know that the gun cannot be loaded.  Once the ShotBlock is in the barrel of the gun you can easily manipulate the weapon safely. This is a huge benefit and safety measure for the gun manufacturer or gun store owner because they now can see, as soon as a customer grabs the gun, if they are an avid shooter or not...based on the grip, trigger finger position, etc. However, most importantly, a weapon cannot be loaded with the ShotBlock in position. Traditionally you would have a trigger lock on the weapon as well as a flag in the barrel as a safety measure. If someone is shopping for a new gun, they are not able to pick the weapon up and feel the true ergonomics in their hand. The trigger lock is clunky and the flag prevents the gun from being manipulated. In other words, its difficult to test drive. A true gun enthusiast wants to feel how their finger is going to drop on the trigger when they pick a new weapon up. With a trigger lock on the gun (in most retailers: Sports Authority, DICKS, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Walmart, etc), the customer is not able measure fit properly. Over 70,000 gun accidents happen each year…in the house, in the community, at the gun store on and even on the firing range and more.  At times, a gun is accidentally discharged in these settings (mostly commonly in the retail settings). ShotBlock is a foolproof way of insuring a weapon cannot be loaded.  

With a ShotBlock inside of a loaded gun, the gun cannot be loaded and shot. The gun will become locked up. Any attempt to load the gun will cause the bullet to be wedged into the ShotBlock and will prevent the bullet from going into the breach. The patented design on the ShotBlock was created to stop a bullet from being loaded into the battery, period. The quick and simple key for disarming the weapon and removing the ShotBlock is with the included extraction device.  Sliding this into the barrel will unlock the block from the breach and pop it out of the back of the gun barrel to be easily removed from the gun. Manufacturers would supply this extraction device to the customer so they could safely remove the ShotBlock once purchased. Beyond the safety benefit, a store owner can now watch as a customer picks up a gun and can instantly know/read the person based on how they handle the weapon. A great gun salesman will know, just by trigger finger placement, if someone is an amateur or a professional instantly.